Tarvo Varres (b. 1970) currently researches the concepts of non-self and nonlinear time in his work. Varres is known for series of photographs ‘Portraits’ (1996), ‘The Sun Series’ (2002), videos and installations occasionally using sound, text or light as in ‘Notes on Non-Self’ (2018), ‘The Shadow of a Flame’ (2015), ‘Recording Floor’ (2015). Varres started exhibiting institutionally in 1991 with the group exhibition ‘Guide to Intronomadism’ in Tallinn Art Hall; is the recipient of the Young Photographer Award (1992), Annual Award by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia as a member of ‘Group T’ (1996), and was Köler Prize 2018 nominee. He has taught contemporary art and photography as a guest tutor at the Estonian Academy of Arts and Tartu Art College (1996 -2016). His works are included in the collection of contemporary art in the Art Museum of Estonia.